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CDC Report on HIV Diagnoses in Metro Areas

Monday, May 21, 2018


Data on HIV diagnoses in the nation's largest metropolitan areas have been published in CDC's Diagnoses of HIV Infection among Adults and Adolescents in Metropolitan Statistical Areas— United States and Puerto Rico, 2016.

Highlights Include:

  • Rates of HIV diagnoses in larger MSAs are 2 times the rates of smaller metropolitan areas and 3 times the rates of non-metro areas.
  • The MSAs with the highest HIV infection rates are all located in Southern states.

The report presents metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) data on numbers and rates (cases diagnosed per 100,000 persons) of HIV infection diagnoses during 2016 and of persons living with diagnosed HIV infection as of December 31, 2015 for adults and adolescents aged 13 years and older.

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