CAREWare Security and Setup Documents

CAREWare Security and Setup Documents

Thursday, December 28, 2017

From John Milberg, HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau


Database and system security are, of course,  critical issues for the safe operation of CAREWare. As we move toward the release of CAREWare 6 in 2018, with its “browser-based” interface, we felt that it was important to stay ahead of these issues for our users and for those responsible for maintaining CAREWare installations. 

Toward that end, jProg has drafted a few brief background papers (CAREWare 5 and 6 Setup and Security Steps). These items are probably best suited for more technically-oriented IT staff as they pertain to issues of software configuration, firewalls, Certificates of Authority, encryption, and two-factor authentication.  

See CAREWare 5 and 6 Setup and Security Steps

Our goal is to transition all CAREWare users to the new version 6 by the end of 2018; the important items addressed in these short background papers should help your staff in that transition.  Also in the new year, after the 2017 RSR and ADR dust settles, we will host a few webinars to address all of these issues and give you an opportunity to ask questions and find out how your peers around the country are preparing for CAREWare 6.

For those who are interested and have not yet taken a look at the new CAREWare 6 online, don’t hesitate to contact the CAREWare Help Desk to obtain a user account.  We are always looking for new eyes and beta-testers!

And with that, happy new year to all and a shout out for all the incredible, hard work you do during the year.