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Resource Library - Organizational Restructuring

June 8, 2015

National Center for Innovation in HIV Care

This resource library is a compilation of articles, webinars, and websites that are pertinent to ASOs and CBOs considering organizational restructuring or adopting service models that can improve care for clients along the HIV continuum. 

Sector Transformation

  • Sector Transformation and Organizational Sustainability
    A webinar (11/13/14), providing an overview of sector transformation within the HIV/AIDS service sector and what that means for the future of HIV/AIDS service organizations. 
  • Enhancing the Sustainability of Ryan White-Funded AIDS Service Organizations and Community-Based Organizations
    An issue brief reviewing the impact of a changing U.S. health care system on HIV care access, and presenting a Sector Transformation model, focusing on the HIV/AIDS service sector. The brief includes options available to ASOs and CBOs to respond to and thrive off of the changing sector. 
  • HIV/AIDS ASO and CBO Stability and Sustainability Assessment Report
    A report (9/13) exploring the impact of changes in HIV/AIDS prevention, funding shifts, and treatment advances on the organizational stability and sustainability of ASOs/CBOs, and providing recommendations for ASOs and CBOs in light of the report. 
  • Sustainability: The State of HIV/AIDS Service Organizations
    A presentation (12/16/14) serving as a companion to the HIV/AIDS ASO and CBO Stability and Sustainability Assessment Report. The presentation describes the current state of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts, advances, and funding shifts, and ASO/CBO fiscal health, capacity, and leadership, and offers recommendations for sustainability strategies.
  • U.S. ASO Finder
    A search engine, hosted by, for U.S. ASOs. Searches are based on zip code and can be filtered by services provided. 

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Mergers and Affiliations

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Boards, Billing, and Business Planning

  • Hit the Ground Running: A Resource Roadmap for RWHAP Core Medical Providers
    An online learning tool, published by the CRE TA Center, assists Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) providers in navigating the resources that deal with contracting, billing and enrollment with Medicaid and Marketplace Insurance Plans. 
  • Three Ways Business Planning Can Support Strategic Restructuring
    An infographic outlining the role of business planning as a catalyst of strategic restructuring, a process to inform negotiations, and a guide to restructuring implementation. 
  • Getting Your Board on Board
    A webinar (3/1/15) exploring the role of boards in organizational restructuring, specifically focused on the HIV/AIDS service sector, and discussing developing a shared vision with a board. 
  • Nonprofit Strategy and Business Planning: A Fresh Look
    This article outlines the difference between strategic planning and business planning, and explores when to use each. 
  • Pharmacy Models for ASOs & CBOs: Increasing Revenue and Improving Treatment for Clients
    A webinar (5/18/15) exploring the financial benefits of ASOs/CBOs integrating pharmacy services into the scope of their work, and describes different pharmacy models for ASOs/CBOs.
  • 340B Drug Pricing Program
    This HRSA webpage provides an overview of the 340B drug pricing program, in which RWHAP clinics are able to participate. 

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Overview of the HIV Care Continuum

  • HIV/AIDS Care Continuum
    This website, hosted by the U.S. government, offers an overview of the HIV care continuum, why it's important, and how it's being used. The site also provides links to other resources on the continuum. 
  • Understanding the HIV Care Continuum
    This CDC fact sheet (12/14) offers an overview of the HIV continuum, how the CDC monitors the continuum, and how the continuum can be used to monitor progress. 
  • AIDSVu
    The AIDSVu website maps the prevalence of HIV in the United States on national, state, and local levels, and allows users to filter HIV prevalence data by race, ethnicity, sex, and age, and shows how HIV prevalence is related to various social determinants of health, such as educational attainment and poverty. 
  • HIV Continuum
    The first interactive website to map HIV care continuum outcomes for people living with HIV, and captures data from various U.S. cities.

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HIV Prevention, Testing, and Diagnosis

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Engagement in Care (Linkage and Retention)

  • Navigating the Care Continuum: The Next Frontier for Providers
    Bharucha, F., Makadon, H. J., Sale, S., Wheeler, C., Yoest, A., Salmon, K. (2012). Navigating the care continuum: The next frontier for providers. Becker's Hospital Review.
    Responding to recent increases in cost of care without a corresponding increase in quality, this 2012 article by Farzan Bharucha, Harvey J. Makadon, MD, Shannon Sale, Cole Wheeler, and Adurey Yeost, calls for providers to move toward collaborative networks built around optimizing outcomes and costs through focus on the continuum of care. 
  • The Promise of Outreach for Engaging and Retaining Out-of-Care Persons in HIV Medical Care
    Bradford, J. B. (2007). The promise of outreach for engaging and retaining out-of-care persons in HIV medical care. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 21, S85-91.
    This 2007 article by J. B. Bradford summarizes research performed at sites throughout the U.S. on implementing outreach models to increase engagement and retention in HIV care, particularly for under-served populations. Bradford argues for improved and expanded use of outreach-based interventions. 
  • Retention Challenges for a Community-Based HIV Primary Care Clinic and Implications for Intervention
    Coleman, S., Boehner, U., Kanaya, F., Grasso, C., Tan, J., Bradford, J. (2007). Retention challenges for a community-based HIV primary care clinic and implications for intervention. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 21(9), 691-701.
    A 2007 study on factors causing loss to follow-up among HIV-infected patients at Fenway Community Health. The piece, written by S. Coleman, U. Boehmer, F. Kanaya, C. Grasso, J. Tan, and J. Bradford, recommends strategies for retention, including patient surveys, and risk assessment tools to determine more inventive outreach interventions for high-risk patients. 
  • Engagement in Care: From Cascade to Continuum to Control
    A webinar (5/20/15), discussing the state of engagement in HIV care in the United States, describing individual and population health implications of HIV care engagement, and discussing approaches that health centers and HIV/AIDS service organizations can take to measure and improve engagement.
  • Continuum of HIV Care among Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clients
    This HRSA report outlines higher levels of engagement in HIV care and the improvement in viral suppression rates among recipients of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program funding. 
  • Optimizing Linkage, Engagement, and Retention in Care for Adolescents and Young Adults of Color
    A webinar (4/14/15) in which experts in engaging LGBT youth in Boston share their experiences linking youth of color into care. 
  • Data to Care: Improving Treatment Outcomes & Addressing Disparities
    A webinar (3/11/15) exploring how health departments and HIV clinics can partner to coordinate outreach efforts, and discussing how surveillance data can be used to address disparities and ensure access to care. 

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Navigating the ACA and Ryan White

  • HIV Health Reform
    This website, hosted by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, provides education to ASOs and CBOs about the opportunities that exist through the Affordable Care Act to improve health care access for people with HIV. Maintains a blog, sends a weekly newsletter, and hosts regular webinars.
  • CAEAR: Health Care Reform Checklist for AIDS Service Organizations
    This website, hosted by Communities Advocating Emergency AIDS Relief (CAEAR), provides a checklist of recommendations to ASOs for successfully navigating changes involved in the ACA. 
  • The Affordable Care Act: Implications for AIDS Service Organizations and People Living with HIV/AIDS
    A webinar (10/30/14) examining the impact of the ACA on the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and the work of ASOs/CBOs, and discussing how ASOs/CBOs can adapt to the changes within the ACA
  • Out2Enroll: Reaching and Connecting LGBTQ Communities with ACA Coverage Options 
    A webinar (1/21/15) reporting on the influence of the ACA on access to health care for LGBT people, and describing best practices for ASOs to reach, assist, and connect LGBT communities to ACA coverage options. 
  • The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program: What is its Role Now and Where is it Headed?
    A webinar (10/21/14) exploring the role of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and how it might change in the future, and providing recommendations on how to adapt to the changing policy and funding landscape.
  • The Affordable Care Act and HIV/AIDS
    This website, hosted by the U.S. government, provides an overview of changes brought on by the ACA impacting the health care of those living with HIV/AIDS, and includes links to many other resources. 
  • The Ryan White Program and Insurance Purchasing in the ACA Era: An Early Look at Five States
    An issue brief (4/14/15) outlining key findings in five states that implemented the ACA insurance purchasing program. 

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Organizations and Centers Providing Technical Assistance

  • HRSA HAB TA Website
    This website serves as the central source of TA and training resources for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. Their website includes webinars, reports, fact sheets, TA websites, an event calendar and more. 
  • ARCW Solutions: Sustainability Through Sector Transformation
    A program of the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, ARCW Solutions offers support in care delivery, increasing revenue and financial performance, and mergers and strategic partnerships. 
  • The National Technical Assistance Center for Contracting, Reimbursement and Enrollment with Medicaid and Marketplace Insurance Plans (CRE)
    The National Technical Assistance Center provides TA to core medical providers around successfully contracting with Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, and/or Qualified Health Plans, and provides TA around establishing or expanding third-party billing and reimbursement. 
  • Access, Care and Engagement (ACE) TA Center
    The ACE TA Center helps Helping Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients and subrecipients support their clients, especially people of color, to navigate the health care environment through enrollment in health coverage and improved health literacy.
  • AIDS United
    AIDS United works to end the AIDS epidemic in the U.S. through strategic grant making, capacity building, policy/advocacy, TA, and formative research, and runs a Sector Transformation Initiative which provides grants and technical assistance to organizations working on organizational restructuring, merger, or responsible closure. 
  • Johnson & Johnson/UCLA Health Care Executive Program
    The Health Care Executive Program provides a unique opportunity for executives of community health centers and ASOs to participate in an eleven day intensive management training session, held annually at UCLA Anderson School of Management. The cost for ASO leader participation is covered by Johnson & Johnson.
  • NMAC
    NMAC provides HIV/AIDS education and advocacy work focused on racial justice and health equity, and hosts the annual US Conference on AIDS each year, which is attended by many ASO and CBO leaders. 
  • National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD)
    NASTAD's website includes extensive resources on policy advocacy, health care access, prevention, and health equity. 
  • The National Quality Center (NQC)
    The HRSA-funded National Quality Center provides quality improvement services and technical assistance to Ryan White-funded organizations. 
  • CDC HIV/AIDS Capacity Building Branch
    Through this site, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides free training and technical assistance to organizations and communities to help them strengthen their HIV prevention capacity. 
  • HealthHIV
    HealthHIV has multiple ASO/CBO support projects, including financial management TA/training, the ASO/CBO Leadership Training and Certificate Program, and more.

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Other Resource Libraries

  • TARGET Center: Resource Library
    Serves as the central source of technical assistance (TA) and training resources for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, includes webinars, reports, fact sheets, TA websites, an event calendar and more, and filters resources based on topic, population, and/or grantee status. 
  • CDC: HIV/AIDS Resource Library
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) page, featuring an HIV/AIDS glossary, reports, fact sheets on HIV among special populations, podcasts, webinars, and more. 
  • AIDS Action Committee: Health Library
    Provides extensive, up-to-date information about HIV treatment and wellness, including reports on advancements in HIV/AIDS research and information about coinfections and related illnesses. AIDS Action sends out a monthly Health Disparities Update e-newsletter. 
  • The Kaiser Family Foundation: HIV/AIDS Resource Library
    Includes reports, fact sheets, issue briefs, and other helpful policy tools put out by KFF on HIV/AIDS, the Affordable Care Act, and other health policy topics. 
  • ACE TA Center: Resources, Tips, and Tools for Enrolling Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clients in Coverage
    This site outlines resources for anyone helping Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) clients apply for health insurance, lists the enrollment steps, and offers links to related resources, tips, and tools. 

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Patient Resources

  • Positively Smoke Free
    A free online program for smokers living with HIV who are looking to quit. Their website features tips, tools, videos, links, and a discussion board to interact with others in the community. 
  • PrEP Facts: Women's Sexuality and HIV Prevention
    A closed facebook group for women seeking more information on sexuality and HIV prevention. The page promotes communication and respect among women. 
  • inSPOT
    This site hosts a free, anonymous e-card service, allowing HIV-positive people to disclose their status to recent partners and encourage them to get testing. The website also offers information to senders and recipients on how and where to get tested.
  • State HIV/AIDS Hotline Directory
    Hosted by HRSA, this directory allows people living with HIV across the country to find their state's HIV/AIDS toll-free hotline. Hotline staff connect callers with agencies that can help determine what services they are eligible for, and locate where they can get them.
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Medical Care Provider Interactive Map
    Hosted by HRSA, this interactive map connects HIV-positive people across the country who are low-income or do not have insurance, with care and services provided by Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program medical providers. Services include HIV testing, HIV medical care, housing assistance, and substance abuse and mental health services.
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)
    PPA is a free service connecting consumers to patient assistance programs and patient advocates, and offering information on HIV/AIDS programs, Medicare, Medicaid, service animals and devices, and more.

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