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Planning Tools: Resource Allocation, Integrated Planning

Thursday, May 16, 2019


HRSA's integrated planning TA project has released a number of resources in April-May, part of the large and growing Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan Online Resource Guide.

  • Resource Allocation: Over 30 resources have been compiled, covering: HRSA's guidance (e.g., policies and Part A and B Manuals), tools and job aids (e.g., scorecards and worksheets), training materials (e.g., the Planning Council Primer, fact sheets), and research articles.  
  • Integrating HIV Prevention and Care within Health Departments: Presented here are a set of tips followed by resources like training tools, webinars, and best practices from select Part A and B sites. 

Resources were prepared under the HRSA HAB-supported Integrated HIV/AIDS Planning Technical Assistance Center (IHAP TAC).

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