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Priority Setting and Resource Allocation

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program resources are limited and need is severe. This heightens the responsibility of planning councils to use sound information and a rational decision-making process when deciding which services and other program categories are priorities (priority setting) and how much to fund them (resource allocation).

Resources 4

Webinars and Training

Tools and Job Aids

  • Multnomah County Health Department
    July 2015

    Scorecard template for use in keeping parties involved in RWHAP Part A planning informed about funds allocated to service areas and the outcomes in terms of costs and care outcomes.

  • August 2010

    Excel spreadsheet to score service categories for purposes of guiding decisions about setting priorities for Ryan White HIV/AIDS services, adjusted to account for implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

  • HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)
    January 2009

    Workbooks for RWHAP planning bodies and other entities to self-assess their effectiveness.