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Overview of ADR Tools

October 29, 2013

Data and Reporting TA Team

ADR Tools

Overview of tools available to help grant recipients report high quality data for the ADR, including tools to prepare data in the right format and then validate data. Covers:

  • The Multum drug database to obtain d-codes needed to report client medications; Rx-REX (now called TRAX for the ADR), to convert your client-level data into the required XML format; and the ADR XML test upload site to check whether your XML file is compliant with the ADR schema.
  • Tools available in the ADR Web System to help review the quality of your data after upload: the Confirmation Report, Validation Report, and Completeness Report.
  • Preview of Rx-ERT, a new tool that can help you review the quality of your client-level data throughout the year.

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