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Health Disparities Calculator

September 1, 2016

Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII)

The purpose of this tool is to help RWHAP recipients make meaningful decisions on which disparities are impacting their organizations based on hard data and evidence. This information can help to prioritize remediation activities. This tool was adapted for use by participants in the end+disparities Collaborative Learning Communities.

  • A Disparity Guide (linked below) is available to learn more the Disparities Calculator, how to use it and the underlying statistical models.
  • There are five Powerpoint presentations available that outline the statistics behind the Disparities Calculator and how to present the information to leaders in your organization.
  • Guidance on analyzing disparities is based on the Supreme Court of the United States Disparate Impact Case Law. This has been developed over many years to address ongoing social justice issues within the U.S. Issues such as employment and housing discrimination, to jury selection. (SCOTUS Disparate Impact Case Law is the closest thing the scientific community has to agreement on how to approach questions of statistically evident disparities).

The Health Disparities Calculator was developed by New Solutions, Inc. (a healthcare consulting firm, located in New Brunswick New Jersey, serving the Bergen-Passaic TGA Part A RWHAP Program) and adapted with permission by the National Quality Center for the purpose of the end+disparities Learning Collaborative.

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