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Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation

Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII)

The National Quality Center (NQC) has a new name and a new focus!

As of Winter 2017, the former National Quality Center (NQC) is now known as HRSA’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation (CQII).  Our new focus is to provide technical assistance on quality improvement to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients and now, for the first time, subrecipients. We still have the same expert quality improvement consultants with whom many of you have worked. We still provide our face-to-face trainings, TA webinars and many of the other services you have come to appreciate in the past.  

Our new program is modeled after the three components of a good quality management program as defined by Policy Clarification Notice 15-02:  Infrastructure, performance measurement and quality improvement. HAB’s Clinical Quality Management Bureau will be handling the infrastructure and performance measurement and CQII will help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programs structure and implement quality improvement projects. So if you need help in using your data to develop and implement quality improvement projects, the Center is here to help. Simply fill out the online technical assistance form and HAB will parse it and contact you with next steps. 


Resources formerly found on the on the NQC website have been transferred to the Clinical Quality Management webpage of this site.

CQII: Range of Technical Assistance and Training

chart illustrating intensity of services

This chart illustrates the increasing intensity of the technical assistance and training services provided by the CQII. Services start with information dissemination, escalate to training, then consultation and coaching, and finally development and support of communities of learning.

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