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Frequently Asked Questions

What assistance is available to Ryan White grant recipients and planning councils?

The HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau supports Ryan White grant recipients and planning councils via technical assistance and training. All grant recipients are assigned a HRSA/HAB project officer to help them navigate Federal requirements and access specialized assistance.

Current technical assistance programs focus on such topics as delivery of HIV care, planning, enrollment in health care coverage and clinician training. In addition, HRSA/HAB contracts with expert consultants across the country who are available to help grant recipients address particular challenges not addressed by other programs. 

What's on our website?

This website presents tools, webcasts, trainings, and other resources developed to help HIV/AIDS programs work more effectively. See the New to this Site overview.

How are TA resources (e.g., guidelines, protocols, best practices, toolkits) organized on this site?

The best place to start is to look on the Resource Library. Information is also catalogued by type of resource, source, topic, audience, and more. Try the search engine if you're looking for something specific.

How can I get technical assistance (TA)?

On-site TA is primarily for Ryan White grant recipients and planning councils, and is provided by peers and other consultants. Requests for TA must be submitted through your HRSA/HAB project officer, who is generally the first point-of-contact in discussing TA requests and determining how to proceed. See the full array of TA and training for Ryan White agencies.

Where can I learn about upcoming training opportunities?

See the TA Calendar for training events and other activities, such as webcasts and teleconferences.

How can the Help Desk help?

Help Desk staff can help you locate resources that you can't find online, and steer you in the right direction in finding TA and training for Ryan White agencies. Contact the Help Desk online.

How do I share a resource with others?

Use the online form and post your tool, best practice, protocol, or idea. We will work with you and your project officer to get it online. See also the Community Forums.

Who can I contact about a concern (e.g., a grants issue, a challenging situation)?

Ryan White grant recipients should contact their HRSA/HAB project officers with questions and concerns. Part A planning councils should contact their Part A Program, while Part B planning bodies and consortia should contact their Part B Program or local designee.

What are the basic requirements for Ryan White grant recipients?

Requirements are outlined in your Notice of Grant Award (NGA). Contact your HRSA/HAB project officer and visit the Recipient Resources page on the HRSA/HAB site.

How can I find HIV and other health care services?

You may be eligible for health coverage from private insurance or public insurance programs. Go to HealthCare.Gov to find out what is available. To find a Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program near you, go to the HIV Testing Sites and Care Services Locator. You can also go to the Ryan White Community pages to learn more about Ryan White programs in your area. Also, see the HIV Basics page for information about HIV.