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Topic: Planning Body Operations

Planning body procedures help ensure that a planning council and other planning groups function smoothly and in compliance with Ryan White legislative requirements.  Procedures exist for membership (e.g., nominations procedures to secure new members), decision making (e.g., open meeting processes, grievance procedures related to funding decisions, conflict of interest), and other tasks.

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Webinars and Training

  • Planning CHATT
    February 2018

    This webinar focused on the relationships between planning councils/planning bodies and other essential programs including, the RWHAP Part A recipient, Chief Executive Officer’s Board/Supervisory Office, Administrative Agency, community members living with HIV, providers of RWHAP Part A services, and HRSA HAB. Presenters shared strategies to strengthen coordination and communication between these entities and improve the community’s capacity to provide high-quality services to PLWH. Presenters described ideal relationships between these entities, helped organizations identify pressure points and causes of conflict, and provided an overview of strategies to navigate group dynamics to overcome conflicts and challenges. Presenters also shared resources to support effective collaboration.

  • Planning CHATT
    February 2018

    This webinar focused on the duties and roles of PC/PB membership, planning council support staff, and RWHAP Part A Recipient. Presenters shared strategies to help all parties  understand and operate within the boundaries and limitations of their roles and responsibilities, with an emphasis on effective communication as a strategy for successful collaboration between entities.

  • Boston Public Health Commission
    May 2015

    Video to recruit new members for the Ryan White Part A Planning Council, featuring consumer voices.

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